New opportunities for bonita stakeholders

A Brussels perspective


Brussels is a hub for interregional cooperation between all kinds of stakeholders from all sorts of sectors. Brussels is the center of EU financing and hence the city that can turn regional ideas into international projects. Kindly offered by the Brussels based network ERRIN, you will be able to see a call calendar for 2010 with possible funding opportunities for your ideas [Insert call calendar]. The bonita partners are very committed to turn the Baltic Sea Region into a region of innovation. Any ideas, projects or cooperation possibilities from stakeholders all around the EU and possibly targeting some of the calls would be of great interest to the bonita project.

Meeting the right people

The bonita project has been disseminated at several events in Brussels but also at international conferences like for instance the conference of the Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation in Denmark. Many organisations from across the EU has shown an interest in the bonita project and many new cooperation activities have been engaged. This shows the importance of meeting the right people at the right time. When it comes to ICT there are a lot of new ideas and hence opportunities to meet and discuss these ideas. You can see some of these workshops/conferences in the table below:

Date and place Name / Theme
2 March 2010
“Telemedicine and Legal Aspects workshop”
2–5 March 2010
Cable Congress 2010
23-24 March 2010
"Promoting Innovation through Public Procurement: Best Practice & Networking"
15-18 March 2010
World of Health IT 2010
17 March 2010
“Efficiency & Effectiveness - sharing of good practice in the area of efficient and effective eGovernment.”
22-26 March
2010 Brussels
“EU Sustainable Energy Week” - The EUSEW is the key annual event of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign
27–29 September 2010
ICT 2010 – Europe's most visible forum on ICT research and innovation

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Baltic Organisation and Network of Innovation Transfer Associations

„Interregional development by turning university research into business value”

Research cooperation as well as knowledge transfer between public research organisations and industry is insufficiently developed within the European innovation system. To develop the Baltic Sea Region into a high-tech region the available scientific knowledge needs to be successfully transferred into practice. Even though universities are important developers of new technologies and products their innovations often are not transferred for commercialization. This can be explained by lack of facilitating structures and underdeveloped commercial mindsets of academic staff. At the same time vast innovation potential of SMEs is not exploited due to missing resources.

The bonita project addresses these deficiencies by bridging the knowledge gaps between universities, laboratories, industrial actors and policy makers. The project consortium represents a mix of institutions responsible for regional technology transfer from 8 countries in the Baltic Sea Region. The project has been financed by the European Union’s Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 with almost 2 million Euros.