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07. October 2010

Update - Bonita in ICT 2010: Digitally Driven

The bonita project was part of the ERRIN both in ICT 2010: Digitally Driven, which was held in Brussels on Sept 27-29,2010. bonita partners who were present the conference report that the event was a huge success. Visitors to the booth, which included several key movers in the European ICT community, were impressed with the scope of work of the project and expressed a genuine interest in collaborating with bonita. bonita's presence in ICT 2010 marks a significant accomplishment in bonita's efforts to generate public awareness of the project.

The booth was well equipped with cross-platform media such as project flyers and rollouts that served as indespensable communication aids. bonita representatives from LITKA, CDT and TZI were present as well to personally answer questions from interested parties.

What visitors particularly helpful was the bonita multitouch table, which showed two important apsects of the project: the visualizazion of the bonita network, and the interactive presentation of the bonita transfer model. The bonita table presented them with a new and innovative way of understanding the complex structures of the project and transfer model.

The creative use of multi-touch technology assisted bonita partners in explicating the project, as well as aided visitor in understanding the multifarious ideas contained within. Dr. Michael Boronowsky is confident that that bonita's presence in ICT 2010 would create a positive lasting impact on the project due to the new contacts and possibilities which have emerged from conference.