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15. March 2011

Observing Technology Transfer & Innovation in Action:

New bonita showroom opens in Denmark

Representatives from industry and education testing new applications – Tech Trans can be playful!

One of the big challenges in the modern world is how to develop new relations between science, business and government. These three seemingly independent sectors are often intertwined in their functions, complementing and assisting each other like a triple helix. As we look forward to the next great steps in science, we absolutely need to enter into stronger dialogue with business and governmental institutions. Because of this, there is a need for structures that enables meetings between different rationalities. The difficulty lies in adapting such general models into operational solutions. The Interreg project bonita is demonstrating how this could happen through their new showrooms that are being launched this spring in five different research institutions across the Baltic Sea area.

The interactive table enables collaborative

bonita Lab was formally launched February 28th. Located within the renowned Knowledge Lab in the University of South Denmark, bonita Lab is one of the bonita showrooms where key players from science, industry and governance can come together in meaningful dialogue.

Showrooms are normally places where industry demonstrates their products to their audiences. This bonita showrooms is no exception. However here, industry is not selling science, but rather telling: Telling stories of how research can make a difference for business and society.

At the opening, guests met in a room designed and equipped to open up new ways of transferring, translating and transforming technology between science and other domains in society. Interactive screens, and different tech demonstrators enables a visual and tactile interaction with science. Various videoconference equipment allows visitors to meet and discuss with partners and researchers from around Europe.

The director of Knowledge Lab, Niels Henrik Helms, said in his introduction: “This is more than a showroom. It is a flow room where different partners can meet and together create relevant and also cutting edge research and development projects.”

bonita Lab is not simply a window through which people can watch interesting science. It is a window of opportunity for a new and collaborative way to create knowledge and business opportunities.

The interest in utilizing the bonita Lab has been overwhelming and it is already booked for a number of workshops and meetings this spring (2011).

The bonita Lab is situated at Knowledge Lab, a multi-disciplinary research and development unit at Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark.

If you want to participate in some of the open events – please check www.knowledgelab.dk or contact kol@knowledgelab.sdu.dk


Niels Henrik Helms, Director, Knowledge Lab, Universty of Southern Denmark, (text)

Lasse Kaila, Dr. Tech.,Institute of Electronics at Tampere University of Technology, (in-article Photos)

eventV (pictures slideshow)