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08. July 2010

De Magneet

Children experience the fascination of technology

De Magneet
Information weeks and technique-related teaching units are often used by schools to include more science to their programme. Unfortunately, many good ideas and more extensive programmes cannot be realised because there is simply no room for facilities where school children can explore and discover.
De Magneet is a science park where where children are given the opportunity to playfully explore the wonders of science. Through the facility's “doe-stations”, children can explore first hand, various scientific concepts in action.

De Magneet Programme
The De Magneet programme begins even before the children enter the science park. Lessons related to the science park takes place at a participating school to raise the scientific curiosity of the children, typically between 10-14 years old. Likewise, teachers can obtain instructions, background information and teaching material via the homepage.

Then at De Magneet science park, children are given the opportunity to apply their newly gained knowledge. They receive insights through learning by doing and furthermore have the chance to see where jobs in the field of energy exist.

De Magneet Programme uses what is called an activating didactic. This is based on the principle of learning by doing, learning by experiencing, and reaching conclusions by oneself. In the science park, as well as in the lessons in the participating schools, the children's scientific thinking is stimulated through questions and they are likewise encouraged to discover individual explanations of a given circumstance.
The learning does not stop when the children leave the science park. Back in their schools, their visit will be complemented with attractive lessons that include activating didactic, debating, and learning through each other. This is also very interesting for the teachers because they have the great chance to improve their way of teaching through didactic.
De Magneet is recommended for students in 7th and 8th grade, as well as students from 1st and 2nd year from secondary school.

Watch also the movie about "The Magneet" at Youtube

For more information, please visit http://www.pabowerkveld.nl/