bonita Project

bonita (Baltic Organization and Network of Innovation Transfer Associations) is a dedicated effort of partner universities, laboratories, industrial actors and policy makers to develop the Baltic Sea Region into a region of innovation by facilitating the efficient transfer of knowledge between universities and businesses in the area.

Investing in research also has to be seen as an investment in regional development. Therefore the project bonita was initiated to form a strong European cluster for transfer of scientific knowledge within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to develop mechanisms for turning research into sustainable regional values.

Currently 10 regions from 10 European countries are partners of the bonita network (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, and Russia). The transregional network will be fostered by the goal to form a common European organization for scientific transfer of technology. Most of the bonita partner locations are set up with a twin of a university partner and a public/governmental oriented organisation. Our main idea is to bring together universities with the right mindset sharing the clear interest in scientific technology transfer. In addition to the universities, do the public organisations share the understanding that it is important to team up with science for sustainable regional development. This approach takes benefits from these horizontal and vertical connections to optimize and sustain strategies in the individual regional innovation systems.

The overall driver for the horizontal transregional network is the sharing of best practices between the other partner locations and to define an overall understanding of the mechanics of the   transfer process. An important target of the bonita project is to develop an enhanced transfer model that allows us  to describe and asses the capability of transfer oriented organisations. This will provide an important base to establish and to optimize transfer processes from science to industries within European regions.

Beside the horizontal network between different research organisations, bonita focuses strongly on the vertical networks between different regional or national stakeholders in a partner location. This way the universities within the network are connected on the one hand side to the framework of European research and at the same time to the regional/national multi-stakeholder network (industry/science parks/politics/citizens).

Drivers for the vertical network are the showrooms that will serve as regional windows to scientific work and output. This supports transfer in both directions – as the push and  pull of technologies. On the one hand universities are presenting their technologies and potential applications in a tangible and attractive way. This enables a concrete dialog with various stakeholders regarding the potential take up of these technologies. On the other hand visitors of the showrooms get inspired by new technologies and its applications and can address needs and problems of their own application domains. The showrooms are rooting universities to a region and supporting the exchange with industries but also with politics.