bonita showroom in Luleå

Boosting Innovation Take-Up through Technology for Efficient Collaboration

The multitouch screen in action

The bonita showroom in Luleå, Sweden was officially launched in May 26, 2011.  Located in the Centre for Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) in the Luleå University of Technology, this showroom was a welcome addition to the already growing network of showrooms bonita as established across the Baltic Sea region.

The bonita CDT showroom is equipped with modern technology to serve as a link between various stakeholders (such as businesses and international partners) and the university itself.  It enables simple and powerful communication of projects, ideas and demonstrations.

The showroom has two main sections and a special 3rd section. The first section includes a high resolution monitor and a high quality sound-system for showing demos and conducting professional technology transfer activities with partners and visitors. It is also equipped with a high-end professional telepresence solution for communicating with bonita network partners and other international, national and regional stakeholders.  The second section includes a multi-touch screen and a powerful computer for displaying advanced media.  The 3rd section is a mobile showroom that can be brought to fairs or conferences to present exhibits, software prototypes, etc.

At the opening of the showroom, over 50 visitors in attendance were treated to very interesting ongoing research in ICT.

On exhibit were:

  • Future Internet – new network architectures, resource efficient algorithms and dependable software engineering,
  • A platform for mobile-service creation by everyday  users.
  • The Intelligent Road — The road of the future that will sense, process information, communicate and take action.
  • Smart City Services— IT to make urban areas smarter and solutions to how information is provided with higher awareness and with less risk of “information overload”

The event also included research pitches by researchers at Luleå University of Technology and the bonita-partner Knowledge Lab ( in Denmark, who shared their research via high-quality video-conferencing.

Annika Sällström
General Business Manager
Centre for Distance-spanning Technology