Training, Coaching and Study Visit and Personnel Exchange program


Work Package 4 - Training, Coaching as well as Study Visits and Personnel Exchanges - is based on the academically secured knowledge that  non-technical factors, for example process and organization management abilities have direct influence on quantity and quality of innovations.



WP 4 is based on the concept to provide a well-prepared activity package to systematically strengthening the abilities of the bonita partners and to successively develop and forward the transfer process in their organizations.



The aim is to show a complete picture of the actual state of the transfer process within the bonita partners’ institutions via training, coaching as well as study visits and personnel exchanges. Optimized target structures shall be derived out of the new project knowledge. Furthermore, sustainable network structures or the institutionalization of a bonita transfer network shall be established to implement these target structures.



Transfer process
In the first step the relevant subject fields of the transfer process were identified. In the second step the content and structural dimensions were defined for chosen subject fields. Next, the persons or groups operating in these subject fields were selected.  In the final step, participants were assigned based on their specific roles in the transfer process.

First, potential training topics were identified in view of the strengthening and improving of the transfer process. Then,  all bonita partners were asked via survey about their own competences and needs with respect to the selected training topics. Based on the evaluation of the responses to the survey, trainers and trainees were selected from among the partners.  Currently, several training activities („Training in Intellectual Property“, „Training in Administration / Procedures for Installing of Show Rooms“, „Training in Financing“, „Training in Marketing, Sales and Communication“, in the pipeline: „Training in ICT-Innovation“), have been successfully conducted, documented and archived and will continue to be so.

Study Visits and Personnel Exchanges
The process for the Study Visits and Personnel Exchanges began similarly: with an evaluation questionnaire to determine the various needs and expertise of each of the bonita partners.  From this, the study visits and personnel exchange program and schedule was devised to address the specific needs of different partners while utilizing other partners' expertise.

The Coaching program began with an intense collaboration with the efforts of Work Package 3 - Evaluation, Adaptation, Implementation of the Transfer Model. An extensive collection and description of partial processes from the transfer process including the corresponding process management abilities were sent to all bonita partners, with some processes specifically tailored to the partners' roles in the transfer process. bonita partners were tasked to estimate the percentage in which their organizations fulfilled the single partial processes or the single process management abilities. The ongoing results of the coaching activity is constantly documented and archived. In the last step the learning fields derived out of the assessments’ results will be synchronized further in accordance with the strengthening of the transfer process.



One of the foremost challenges in WP 4 is achieving a uniform understanding of the transfer process among the bonita partners, considering the different practices in the various partner regions.  In the end, the ability to achieve a portable consensus as well as to integrate opposite interests in an intercultural and interdisciplinary environment proved to be valuable to all bonita partners and particularly for a work package leader.



The potential of the WP4 lies, on the one hand, in the dissemination of the Quality Management Instrument (Assessment-Concept) for transfer organizations as well as for non transfer organizations, and on the other, in the regional and in future trans-regional establishment. Furthermore, with the foundation of a sustainable bonita transfer institution the identified optimization potentials for the transfer process can be achieved.


Alexander Knaust, Technologiepark Uni Bremen e.V.

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