The bonita Transnational Network

A bonita Transnational Network (TN) was signed into being on November 24th, 2011  though the bonita Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed by bonita consortium core partners in Riga during their final conference “Driving ICT Innovations – from Science to Practice” (see pictures below).

The bonita Transnational Network (TN) is established as a permament body to continue the project’s results after its official conclusion at the beginning of 2012.  By  bringing together innovation sources with potential technology beneficiaries and users, the TN promotes collaboration on a transnational basis, consistent with the mission of the bonita project when it began its operation in October 2008.

 The bonita TN is responsible for:

  1. Training and consultation on bonita’s technology transfer model,
  2. Organisation of events in bonita’s network of showrooms,
  3. Dissemination of bonita project results and other relevant IT or ICT research results,
  4. Match-making and intermediating of IT research supply and customer needs,
  5. Development of joint projects concerning IT R&D and technology transfer.

Furthermore, the bonita TN will support generation and transfer of technology and innovation concerning the region’s leading technologies (e.g. wearable computing, robotic devices, e-logistics, e-learning).

bonita TN is currently in the process of establishing several web portals related to the bonita TN activities. One such portal has already been developed and is currently being prepared for launch by Riga Technical University in Latvia.  Two others – from University of Bremen and Poznan Science & Technology Park (Poland) – are at the final stage of the development.

bonita representatives and participants of the final conference: (L to R) Leonid Novickis (Riga Technical University),Martin Heinlein (Technology Park, Bremen),  Antanas Mitasiunas  (Vilnius University), Barbara Schieferstein (Senator for Economics and Ports of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany), Niels Henrik Helms (Knowledge Lab - University of Southern Denmark), Michael Boronowsky (Center for Computing and Communication Technologies), Jari Errkila (Tamlink Ltd.),  Saulius Arelis (Visoriai Information Technology Park), Jukka Vanhala (Tampere University of Technology),  Rasmus Anker-Møller (South Denmark European Office)

Dr. Michael Boronowsky (Center for Computing and Communication Technologies/ TZI Bremen University) and Leonid Novickis (Riga Technical University) sign the Memorandum of Understanding during the bonita final conference.