bonita– Achievements of the project so far

After receiving clear guidance on the tasks and activities within their respective scopes of responsibility, fully committed project partners started implementing plans into reality.

The project progressed smoothly during the first 6 months. A cooperative climate was established from the beginning, partially due to the fact that some of the partners had already worked together in the past.

In order to monitor the progress and impact of the project, evaluation indicators were made to assess the increased sustainability of transnational co-operative structures, the unlocking of investments, the strengthened international performance of innovation sources and improved links to SMEs, or the transnational transfer of technology and knowledge and Broadened Public Basis for generation and utilization of innovation.

Main activities carried out during the first semester were focused on preparing the work for defining an adequate communication and information strategy, defining the enhanced technology and innovation transfer model through gathering regional information and synthesizing the key success factors of the different models around the BSR.

Other activities were devoted to preparing activities needed for the diagnostic of training needs for increasing capacities of personnel involved in innovation transfer and preparing the establishment of a regional based transnational network for supporting innovation and technology transfer.

Partners made progress in the different work packages, preparing detailed work plans and all the necessary outputs for finalizing the preparatory work, like a Quality Handbook, a website, a Communication and Information Plan or a guide for obtaining information and analysis of current transfer models on BSR;

The concept of the showrooms came to light with the partners agreeing on the driving effect they should play in the region in sharing innovation experiences. Discussions were keyed on the intended impact, target groups, interaction with the virtual exhibition and usability.

The partners are enthusiastic and ready for the next six months when the communication plan will be implemented, the first conclusions on the enhanced innovation transfer model will be taken, the training and coaching diagnosis and programs will be ready and the beginning of the strategic network will emerge.