bonita showroom in Vilnius

New bonita Showroom Opens in Vilnius University

The multitouch screen in action

A new bonita technology showroom has just been opened on Nov 4, 2011, this time in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Vilnius University in Lithuania.  The showroom serves as a flexible space for collaborations between business and science in the form of meetings, workshops and innovative technology exhibitions.  This new showroom is one of five showrooms launched this year by bonita as part of the European Union's Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. Other showrooms have been established in research institutions in Latvia, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

The showroom featured some of the best projects developed within the bonita project and its local partners in Lithuania: Vilnius University and MitSoft.

Among the exhibitions at the opening were the Lithuanian official electronic document specifications ADOC and MDOC  together with Signa®: a family of software tools for ADOC electronic document creation, signing and verification.  Both the specifications and Signa® are winners of national innovation awards: ADOC and MDOC have been awarded Lithuanian Strategic Innovation of 2010, and Signa took the Lithuanian Innovative Product of 2011 award. 

Also presented at the opening was the ISO/IEC 15504-conformant Enhanced Innovation and Technology Transfer Model.  This model, developed within the bonita project and made possible with the support of researchers in Vilnius University, serves as a tool for assessment and improvement of processes of organizations working in the field of innovation and technology transfer The model is well on its way to becoming a recognized world-wide standard for improving technology transfer practices.  The Enhanced Innovation and Technology Transfer Model will soon be joining the SPICE community in the form of a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the SPICE User Group called "innoSPICE".

bonita partners consider the launch of the bonita VU showroom and the growing recognition of the Enhanced Innovation and Technology Transfer Model to be very strong indicators of the project’s success.

Assoc. prof. Antanas MitašiÅ«nasAssoc. prof. Antanas Mitasiunas, who lead the development of the model, had this to say:

Project success comes from many years of experience in process capability modeling, and especially from the participation in Enterprise SPICE initiative to develop integrated enterprise process assessment model for use with international standard ISO/IEC 15504, also known as SPICE.