bonita showroom in Riga

Professor Leonid Novitsky opening the bonita showroom at RTU;

Professor Leonid Novitsky opening the bonita showroom at RTU

A bonita showroom, equipped with specialized stands for exhibit demonstrations, is now fully operational at Riga Technical University (RTU) in Latvia.  The bonita RTU showroom is an ideal location for multimedia presentations, software demos & trials, physical prototypes & real system exhibitions.


Depending on the exhibit type, visitors of the showroom are able to:

  • study demonstrative materials (both multimedia and hard copies);
  • work interactively with different kinds of software (e.g. mobile/ web-based);
  • play with physical exhibits;
  • communicate with the consulting staff.

The showroom showcases several innovative ICT solutions from RTU research projects.  Some of the projects currently on display are:

showroom rtu

Demonstration of a robotic platform and prototype by RTU researcher Agris Nikitenko; Software demonstration stands

Web Based and Mobile Solutions for Collaborative Work Environment with transport logistics applications –  a web portal with demonstrators for internet-based and mobile solutions along a selected freight route. The web portal displays accompanying information on existing ICT solutions, legislation and regulation and educational and training programs for transport logistics. The web portal is a platform for planning and coordinating cargo flows between transport and logistics centers worldwide.

MASITS – A proposed open multi agent methodology for intelligent tutoring systems development and the software tool that supports the proposed methodology.

An autonomous robotic system which is driven by knowledge-based intelligent and adaptive control system.

Intelligent Supporting System for Adaptive Tutoring - prototype of a multiagent knowledge assesment system for support of process oriented learning, developed by RTU researcher Alla Anohina (

 The bonita RTU showroom is a place where researchers, young and experienced alike, can demonstrate & promote their unique ideas or developed solutions.  In addition to the equipment for onsite presentations, a special video booth is also built in the showroom to allow visitors to share their idea with the greater scientific community. The video booth is an enclosed cabin outfitted with equipment to record, upload and transmit their presentations online. An HD video camera records the presenter while document scanners and digital input devices allow the presenter to upload presentation materials.

The opening of the bonita RTU showroom was held on October 6, 2011 as a special session of the 2nd International workshop on Intelligent Educational Systems and Technology Enhanced Learning (INTEL-EDU 2011), in connection with the 10th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2011).  Thirty nine participants from 12 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Poland) took part in this event. During this session, physical exhibits in e-learning, e-logistics, robotics devices; virtual interactive platforms and virtual showroom concepts (web-based solutions) were presented to the participants. At the showroom opening, bonita representatives Leonid Novickis, Tatiana Rikure, Aleksey Jurenoks, Mihail Sotnichoks from RTU and Antanas Mitasiunas of Vilnius University, briefed visitors about the bonita project mission to  promote and transfer innovations in ICT across the Baltic Sea region.

For more informatuion on the bonita RTU showroom, contact:

Professor Leonid Novitsky

Head of Division of Applied Systems Software
Meza str. 1/3, Riga, LV-1049, Latvia