CDT at Luleå University of Technology

Organisation Profile

cdt logoLuleå University of technology Centre for Distance-spanning Technology,CDT  established 1995 is a centre for IT research, development and innovation (business generation).

CDT is legally a part of, Luleå University of Technology, LTU. The mission is to create and develop knowledge-based innovations to “new business”, related to advanced “distance spanning-technology”, that is, well integrated and empowering information and communication technology that extends human capability to act and collaborate over distance in space and time. CDT has set up and hosts the Botnia Living Lab, enabling user-driven research-development-innovation (RDI) of new services and products.

Botnia Living Lab repeatedly engages a growing community of more than 7000 pilot users. CDT is based on a long term partnership between Luleå University, global and regional companies (Ericsson, Telia Sonera, SMEs etc), public authorities and pilot users. The close collaboration between partners, facilitated by CDT’s experienced RDI-project managers, instruments generation of substantial and sustainable assets such as new knowledge, new methods, new technology, new architectures and new business and business principles.

CDT associated researchers have received prestigious awards and generated several well recognized innovative off-spring companies such as; Effnet (winner of Grand IST Prize 1999), Marratech (IST Prize 2000 finalist and recently acquired by Google) and Operax (IST Prize 2006 finalist). CDT core business and activities are research-development-innovation (RDI)-projects in four programme areas: "IT Networks" including next generation enabling communication Internet/mobile technology, "Group Media" including new interaction technology, scalable multimedia and groupware, "Living Labs" including methods and environments for user-driven innovation and "eChange" including new business models, new value chains and socio-economic impacts.

CDT contributes in Bonita to strengthen our knowledge transfer processes and to extend our partnership in Europe. The competences we bring are from our daily work as knowledge transfer centre where the iterative process of research, development and innovation is our core business.

CDT at a glance

  • CDT is an integrated RDI environment built upon long term partnership with industry
  • We generate and exploit ground-breaking innovations with and for our partners. Innovations may be in shape of new processes, new solutions, new products and new business.
  • CDTs mission is to generate sustainable business innovation.
  • At CDT  research, industry, public-authority and people make impact - together.
  • Our core business is to radically transforms the way we all live, work and do business by pioneering research.


Partner name:      Centre for Distance-spanning Technology at Luleå University of Technology
Address:     Luleå University of technology
Phone no.:     +46 920 492947
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