Hanze University of Applied Sciences, IBS

Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanzehogeschool Groningen), is offering about 25000 students bachelor and master programs in a wide range of areas, from technique to nursing and from business to arts.

Hanze University Groningen has several centres of applied research and innovation(Entrepreneurship, Energy, CARES, ICT, Creative Industry, and International Business). In each centre, various professors and schools work together on the same multidisciplinary applied research. This means that one learns to look beyond the boundaries of the subject area and work together on challenging projects in the field. As a knowledge broker, the centres are of great value to the innovation capability of the industry in the North of the Netherlands and outside. For this reason, they play an important role in the connection between education and the business field. The centres of applied research and innovation are also closely involved in the development of various education programs of Hanze University Groningen.
The International Business School (IBS) has 800 students per year studying IBMS, more than half come from outside The Netherlands. In total, approximately 50 different nationalities are represented. A balance is sought between theoretical and practical knowledge in order to prepare the students for today’s global economy. The most noticeable characteristic of the International Business School is its international atmosphere. Here, cultural differences are appreciated and you will find an open-minded setting in the classroom, hallways & cafeteria. A flexible and modern approach to teaching by multi-cultural staff ensures an educational experience you do not want to miss, since values are placed on developing a global awareness. In addition to learning theory about business subjects and working in internationally mixed project groups, students will gain valuable practical experience.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences at a glance

  • Teaching is closly related to business
  • Applied innovation by an inspiring atmosphere
  • Applied research associated with high quality in teaching
  • Dynamic learning environment with a strong learning community
  • Social responsibility for the region and to the public


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