SPSC - St. Petersburg Scientific Center

Saint Petersburg Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Organisation Profile

St. Petersburg Scientific Center of the RAS incorporates over 70 institutions, organizations and enterprises within the RAS situated in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, with the personnel numbering 13200. Among 44 scientific institutions under SPSC, 33 are self-dependent research institutes and organizations, 9 are branches, departments or divisions of out-of-town institutes (mostly Moscow institutes) and two are educational chairs.
A great pride of the Center is its two giants, the biggest Academic institutes in Russia - Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute and St. Petersburg B. P. Konstantinov Nuclear Physics Institute, each numbering 2200 research workers. 650 people work at the biggest humanitarian institution, the Library of the RAS, and 660 - in the largest biological institute, I. P. Pavlov Institute of Physiology. On average, the institute's staff varies from 100 to 600 employees. There are also small organizations. These are St. Petersburg departments of Moscow institutes where the number of workers hardly ever exceeds 10. In total, 38 Academicians, 69 Corresponding Members of the RAS, 1136 DoSc and 2965 PhD work in St. Petersburg institutions of the RAS.

Institutes of all specialized branches of the RAS operate within SPSC and three more only belong to the Center. These are the Institute for Analytical Instrumentation, RCES and Center INENCO.
SPSC and St. Petersburg scientific community are deeply concerned about the problem of preserving Petersburg scientific traditions and the leading role of St. Petersburg in national and world science.

SPSC at a glance

  • Scientific research and development of innovative technologies
  • Coordination of theoretical and applied research projects
  • Scientific-organizational and scientific-methodological support of federal special purpose programs
  • Expert assessment
  • Training by means of integrating scientific inquiry and educational activities


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