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Poznan Science and Technology Park

Organisation Profile

PSTP Mission

The Park is the meeting place for representatives of science, modern industry and all aspects of entrepreneurship. The main purpose of the science park is bringing research results (and research scientists) closer to the social and economic practice in all of the Wielkopolska region. High priority is accorded to research conducted in the following fields:

  • chemistry
  • chemical technology
  • environment protection
  • archeology

The objective of the technological park is devising new technologies and improving the existing ones through technological projects and tests conducted with the use of specialist equipment of the Park. An additional aim is promoting technology transfer process and all aspects of innovations. The following high priority objectives have been singled out in the area of new technologies and technology transfer:

  • silicon chemistry technology projects realized by the Phare Excellence Centre,
  • special property chemical compound technologies (projects based on Scientific Research Committee grants, both purpose oriented and commissioned, commissions by the industry, and international programmes),
  • finding solutions to current technological issues faced by local enterprises (the Park serves as a R&D unit for local small and medium sized enterprises),
  • promotion of innovations, innovative companies and local technological advancements,
  • compiling databases of research institutions and their implementation geared projects,
  • compiling databases of innovation friendly enterprises and their new technological requirements,
  • providing access to technological facilities for research and project implementation.

The Park may and should also be treated as an incubator promoting emergence and development of new technology based small and medium sized enterprises. At present, the Park facilities are the site of the following:

  • software firms,
  • modern heating technology companies.

Our plans include leasing of the newly constructed office facilities (with telephone, fax and computer access) and warehouse space to small enterprises.
The programme thus presented is in the process of implementation but it is not equal to our aspirations. The main goal over the next several months will be establishing a regional consortium and drawing up long-range plans for the Park. Steps have already been taken to find new locations and procure necessary funds. Our own resources, possibly complemented with the Union assistance funds, should make it possible to set out a long-range development programme for the years 2005-2010. PSTP is a member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP).

Promoting Innovation

Since 1997, information, training and consultation services in the area of technology transfer and innovation have been included in the Parks scope of operations. In 1997 the FERMIC office - the Partner of the European Union Polish Innovation Relay Centre - was established as part of the Park structure. The office was changed into the European Union IRC on 1 July 2000. Since the year 2000, the range of services specified above have been provided by a department especially formed for the purpose - the Centre for Innovation Promotion.

The mission of the Centre for Innovation Promotion includes:

  • promoting technology transfer from the research and development sector into small and medium sized enterprises on regional, national and European level,
  • promotion of innovation in all its aspects,
  • facilitating the flow of information from science sector into the economy.


PSTP conducts its activity in the field of research services, supports the relations beetweenscience and economy, takes part in the implementation of innovative activities and provides entrepreneurs with lease area, services supporting business activity and help to acquire funds for innovative development.


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