Visoriai Information Technology Park

VITP is a public institution founded to develop 6.9 ha infrastructure for ICT business and its interaction with academia in Visoriai (Vilnius). Institutes Informatics and Mathematics, Biotechnology and Ecology are also located in the same district; 10 ICT companies and organizations are already operating in Visoriai ; next to Visoriai is located the largest  centre of medical institutions Santariskes; laser and biotechnology companies are operating in neighborhood.

VITP is also responsible for the setting up communication channels between business and academia locally and internationally - this is the reason VITP to join BONITA.

There are few investment projects to start in 2010-2011 in Visoriai: incubation facilities for ICT companies + 3 private investments in the fields of medical equipment, bio-pharmacy and cluster of companies involved in solar energy, production automation, GIS,...

VITP at a glance

  • VITP is founded by governmental institutions, universities and businesses.
  • VITP is supposed to develop infrastructure for operation of ICT and other technological businesses.
  • VITP is supposed to set up communication channels between business and academia and foster technology transfer, innovation, and spin-off's.


Address:         Akademijos 2, LT-08412
Phone no.:     +370 5 2109256
Main e-mail: